How to Prepare for Essay Writing Competition With The Help of Experts?

Many people find writing in English challenging, and improving can feel impossible. Don't worry, though.


Many people find writing in English challenging, and improving can feel impossible. Don't worry, though. Here are some simple techniques to improve your written English and impress others with your ability to write.



  • Expand your vocabulary



To describe yourself well, you'll need a good active vocabulary. Not only must you be able to recognize a great number of words, but you must also be able to utilize them correctly. Rather than memorizing word lists, this can be performed by learning new words through example sentences.


When learning a new word, try to remember all of its forms as well as the common prepositions that go with it. Write down: to rely on, to be reliant on, to be a dependant instead of only the term 'depend'



  • You must be able to spell in English



You must be able to spell the words correctly. Incorrect spelling changes the meaning of your sentence. The words 'bare' and 'bear,' for example, seem similar, but 'bare' refers to a naked human, whilst 'bear' refers to a large animal. Misspelled words also make it difficult for the reader to understand what you've written.


When you have free time, use flashcards to practice your spelling and put yourself to the test.



  • Read regularly



Many people believe that the greatest method to learn to write is to read. Reading in English is advantageous in several ways. It's a fantastic way to get a feel for various writing styles and how to use words efficiently.


Choose books or articles that are related to topics that interest you. Learning does not have to be a dreadful experience. To guarantee that you understand how to use the new phrases and idioms, read each text several times.



  • Practice your grammar



To improve the quality of your work, you must learn to use grammar. Always make sure you're using the proper tense and punctuation. Punctuation can aid in the clarity and fluency of your writing. Take assignment help Adelaide to get the best advise on how to prepare for the exam.


Always inspect your work for mistakes. Check for general errors the first time, then search for grammatical errors with the grammatical point you're studying the second time.



  • Don't be afraid to take risks!



Writing is a challenging task. The best way to develop is to write with a pen and paper or to sit in front of your computer and write. Prepare to write several revisions of each piece, as even the finest authors' first draughts are seldom perfect.



  • Seek advice from reputable sources



Conducting research is the initial stage in writing any form of essay. The higher the quality of your research, the better your essay will be. In an age when we have unlimited access to information, it's vital to carefully evaluate research sources and select just the most trustworthy ones. Wikipedia, for example, is a dubious source that should not be quoted in academic papers.


Make an effort to go through journals, research studies, scholarly articles, academic databases, and encyclopedias from the last 10-15 years. It's also important to assess the author's credibility while analyzing a source.



  • Make a Basic Outline



When you've finished your research, don't jump right into writing. Make a basic essay outline and organize your research and findings in a few minutes.


"Does it need to be done?" you could ask. Thank you a lot.


Creating an outline allows you to approach the essay methodically. It acts as a framework for your paper, ensuring that you don't overlook any facts and that your ideas flow smoothly. Get Assignment Help Australia to know how to write the best essays.



  • Draw the reader's attention to what you're saying



With people's attention spans getting shorter all the time, it's more important than ever to capture the reader's attention and keep them engrossed in your writing.


Essay hooks, which are the first one or two sentences in your essay, might pique or arouse the reader's interest. The key is to craft a hook that captures and holds the reader's attention.



  • Use the Pomodoro Technique



It's difficult to write an essay in a single session, especially if the language isn't your first. The Pomodoro method is a clever approach to essay writing. Setting a timer for 25 minutes to complete the task at hand, followed by a 5-minute break, is required for this strategy. You are allowed to take a 20-minute break after four rounds.


As a result, start by splitting the work down into smaller tasks like research, planning, writing the individual paragraphs, citing references, and proofreading. Then you can start working on the essay according to the approach and keep track of your progress by setting a timer.



  • Pay Close Attention to Grammar Rules



While your essay may include intriguing concepts, poor grammar detracts from the reading experience and should be avoided at all costs. Examine your sentence patterns, avoid using the passive voice wherever feasible, and know the differences between adjectives, adverbs, nouns, and verbs.

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